Ampericon Energy Solution

Ampericon, Inc. is a full service, US‐based energy optimization company that has been in business since 2006. We focus on commercial, industrial, and residential projects throughout the Metro‐NY area, with a mission to help clients realize savings through the production of clean energy while also reducing their carbon footprint. Ampericon’s principals have over 20 years of combined solar photovoltaics industry and energy conservation experience. Ampericon searches for the most financially viable solution to reducing a facility’s energy footprint. We are committed to providing cost‐competitive, cleaner energy to our customers with exceptional service.

Graphene Storage

Ampericon’s Graphene Supercapacitors use the latest in battery cell technology and software to ensure you use energy efficiently and quickly. With hundreds of thousands of cycles and lightning fast charge/discharge rates at your disposal.

Lithium Ion Storage

With Lithium Ion Energy Super Capacitors at your disposal, traditional lead acid batteries and gas based generators are left in the dust. They are a safe and cost effective solution to maintain.

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